Angry with God

Anger with God

Do you feel safe expressing your anger with God to God?

If not, know that that is normal. Many people have had past religious experiences and/or parental experiences that have lead them to believe that there will be consequences if they express their true feelings, especially anger.

Here is the good news that may be hard to believe initially.

God welcomes your anger.

Do you know why? Because anger creates an emotional barrier between you and God. It is a barrier that many people are not aware of until they begin deep internal work or a life situation brings it out.

Jesus wants to remove all barriers to you being intimately connected with Him. Fear wants to convince you that you will be struck by lightening if you even so much as THINK you are a little bit of angry with God. You won’t be. I mean, I’m still alive. ☺️

The first step is to start slowly. I would suggest letting this message just sink in for a little while, this concept that you can both be angry with God AND express it, without a consequence. 

Secondly, take time to reflect in scripture on when others have been angry with God. 
Psalm 22 is a great place to start. As well as Psalm 35:17-18 and Psalm 42:9-11.

Ashley Buffington