A New Day


Each day is a new opportunity to grow closer to God, develop more peace, and to get closer to freedom from our greatest  struggles. It only takes one thing. That one thing is intentionally spending time with Him. Now most of us know this either from church, other believers, and ALL the books. We may have a picture of what this is SUPPOSED to look like. The truth is that your alone time with God can look completely different compared to someone else because you are uniquely created. It doesn't haven't be dragging yourself out of bed to read your bible for an hour at 6am if you are a night owl. Or if you are not a fan of the genre of worship music, you do not have to force yourself to listen to you. How has God created you and what do you naturally gravitate towards? The other good news is that it does not need to be the same each day. What's most important is choosing to slow down and be intentional about connecting with him so that He can give you your daily bread. So whether that is meditating while rocking your baby, singing with God to music that is meaningful to you, or just sipping your coffee and watching the birds of the sky, these are all opportunities to connect with Him. How will you connect with Him today?

Ashley Buffington