Anxiety Tip - Surrender

Anxiety leads us to overthink in situations where we feel stressed. We can easily go from stressed about something specific to stressed AND flooded with anxiety symptoms.

These symptoms are our bodies’ way of sounding the alarm that there is something wrong. What is wrong is not always the event itself but rather our attempt to control the uncontrollable. 

One way to decrease your symptoms is to create a new mental habit of surrender. Easy enough right? Just "Let go and let God."

Yes and No.

When we focus on all that could go wrong or try to figure out how to keep things from going wrong, we create neural pathways in our brain that reinforce anxiety. When we do anything often enough, our brain becomes really efficient at making it a habit. In short, this anxious way of thinking can become second nature. 

Furthermore, when anxiety becomes a habit, our attempts to overcome it can feel like lifting a thousand pound weight. 

Have no fear!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, therefore, there is a way out. 

You may be wondering what does this look like on a practical level…

First, start with a prayer that sets the intention of receiving God’s help. Here’s an example: “God, I am so tired of living with this anxiety. Please help me to surrender my worries to you. Amen”

Change doesn’t happen overnight. With this in mind…don‘t lose hope! God does perform miracles that occur instantaneously and others that take a little longer.

You’re not a failure if you have to do the following 100 times a day. You’re a human who has a brain that needs changing. Below is a way to create new neural pathways that lead to peace:

1. Anxious though/thoughts hit

2. Inhale deeply and pray to yourself 

“God, I surrender this to you” 

3. Exhale

4. Repeat

5. Repeat

6. Repeat

This won’t be an easy process, but you have the Author of the Universe within you. That’s pretty big AND easy to forget when we are anxious. And yet, just because we are anxious, it doesn’t mean he is. 

Practice this tip and let me know how it works for you!

Also, please forward this with anyone else that you feel may benefit.

If you would like more tips like this and to hear stories from others who relate, please come to the next Be Still and Know Anxiety Support Group on Thursday, June 28th at 6:30pm at Kairos Church. 

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Ashley Buffington