Why Wait Until the Pain is Great

It is easy to neglect our spiritual practices, therapy, spiritual direction, small group when life is going well. There is no denying that there will be pain and turmoil in our journey. Our culture likes to give us the illusion that we can control things or get through the rough spots quickly, but that is not always the case.  In these moments, our lack of spiritual foundation can contribute to our pain and create more suffering. These feelings combined with our haste to escape the difficulty quickly can compound things even more. We begin believing lies that aren't true about ourselves and/or about others. Lies that are hard to see when we are going at things alone.
I encourage you, even when times are going well, to take time to do your centering prayer, read scripture, share with others, see your therapist. Whatever it takes, to keep you grounded so that when life hits, you are able to weather to storm with a sense of God's presence right along side you. 

Ashley Buffington