Self-reflection is so important and yet can be so scary at the same time. We fear what we may find. We cringe because we may already be aware of our character defects. Unless we are willing to reflect upon those things, we risk living each new day based upon old programming. 

Here is the good news. You can rest with Jesus while reflecting. Let Him guide you to the areas of your life that can be hindering you personally and in relationships. And again, Jesus goal is not to “fix us”. It is to connect. These areas of hindrance impede upon that connection with Him, thus keeping us from experiencing the depth of His love and seeing ourselves for who we truly are as His creation. What we find when we reflect with Jesus, is that although there will be some yucky stuff there, there is even more grace. What we see looking back at us is actually more beautiful than we could ever imagine, if we only view it through God’s lenses. Today, take some time to ask God what you need to see in yourself today and let God show you with ALL the Grace. 

Ashley Buffington